I need to buy a 30 minute fire seal - which product should I buy?

I have an existing fire rated door, but I have been told that it needs to provide smoke containment too. What do you recommend?

What's the difference between a brush smoke seal and one with fins?

Do I need to fit a threshold seal - and if so, why?

Can you paint over fire and smoke seals?

I'm working on a hospital project that needs a sealing system that will stand up to rigorous cleaning. What do you recommend?

Approved Document M says that doors need to be easy for everyone to use. Which of your products do you suggest?

I've heard about Document E - but how does it relate to doors?

I need to achieve the highest acoustic rating possible on a standard door, can you help?

I need to fit a glazing panel into a door that also needs to provide acoustic performance. How can I do this?

I've heard that some seals on the market can achieve acoustic ratings of around 40-50dB Rw. Is that right?

If I fit a drop seal, do I need to fit a threshold plate too?

What standards and regulations relate to acoustic containment for doors?

I have a standard fire rated door - can I add a glazing panel to it?

What's the maximum size of glazing panel I can fit into a fire rated door?

I need to fit a glazed screen/partition - which of your products do you recommend?

What standards and regulations relate to fire resistant glazing?

I need to put a letterplate into my fire rated door - but the door needs to provide acoustic performance too. What do you recommend?

I've fitted your wide angle viewer, but the image is fuzzy. What's the problem?

I need an air transfer grille in a size that you don't list in your brochure. What can I do?

Can we buy from you direct, or can you tell me your nearest distributor?

What lead times do you offer on your products?

I need your products on site tomorrow - can you ship these out for me today?

How can I check stock availability of your products?

What's your UK carriage charge?

Can you supply certification for your products?

Can you supply health and safety details for your products?

What is the Fire Safety Bill?