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Fire, Smoke & Acoustic Seals Explained

Lorient Fire & Cold Smoke Air Transfer Grilles - Explained

Lorient's Hardware Protection Kits Explained

Lorient RJ007 slimline fire resistant letterplate

LVH44 Air Transfer Grille Fire Test

Air Transfer Grilles Explained

The Importance of Fire Doors & Inspections

Lorient LAS8001 si drop seal

Lorient comparative, indicative fire door test

Do I need to fit a threshold seal? Ask the Lorient Experts

The 5 Step Fire Door Check

How to check fire door gaps

Flush bolt + drop seal

LAS8001 si drop seal + Finesse™ perimeter door seal

Acoustic, smoke & fire door seals in a building

Visions of sound - see the difference between a sealed and unsealed door

Lorient LVH44 fly through

LVN20S fire + smoke air transfer grille

LVH20S fire + smoke air transfer grille

System-36 PLUS fire resistant glazing gasket

RF1™ 60 minute fire resistant glazing system

LAS9050 + LAS9070 Finger Guard seal

Lorient intumescent lock jacket

Concealed door closer kit

Hinge protection kit

AURA® AAS8501 drop seal

AURA® AAS7501 perimeter seal

AURA® AAS4505 threshold plate

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Celebrating 40 years of Lorient

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