LVV40 Intumescent Air Transfer Grille

High Performance Vision Style ATG

A high performance, standard vision intumescent air transfer grille for doors, walls + ducts. Provides excellent airflow characteristics, which result in silent efficient operation in normal use.

System specification

Application Suitable for doors, walls + ducts. Note: in applications where high levels of humidity or wetness are anticipated, it is recommended that an LVH44 product should be employed
Thickness 40mm
Free area Approx 60% free area
Material PVC slats with an intumescent core
Finish Silver as standard
Use with Metal cover grille (optional)
Test evidence Fire: BS 476-20/22:1987, BS EN 1634-1:2014 & BS EN 1364-5:2017
Performance Can be used to provide up to 60 minutes resistance to fire. EI rating of 120 minutes when used in conjunction with a cover grille. Please speak to our Technical Department for details
Certifire CF564