High Performance Letterplate

Fire, Smoke + Security

The High Performance letterplate provides in excess of 60 minutes fire resistance + protection against cold smoke in line with BS 9999. It is internally sealed so that the unit will not compromise the smoke integrity of the door whilst also providing draught proofing. Available with a range of security devices.


System specification

Door thickness42mm - 47mm: LRJ 8042F + LRJ 8042S 47mm - 52mm: LRJ 8047F + LRJ 8047S 52mm - 57mm: LRJ 8052F + LRJ 8052S
Size312mm x 80mm
SEAL MATERIALGraphite intumescent liner
FINISHESFD30: silver or gold anodised. FD60: brushed stainless, brass or powder coated steel. Note: Powder coated steel is for internal use only. Other finishes are available
TEST EVIDENCEFire: BS 476-22: 1987 & BS 476-31-1: 1983
PERFORMANCEBS 9999: 2008 +Approved Document B
Certifire CF255