Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Lorient's lead role at the Young Vic theatre

A combination of Lorient’s acoustic, smoke and fire seals have been installed in one of London’s most loved and unique theatrical venues - the Young Vic. Theatre specialists, Haworth Tompkins completed rebuilding it in 2007, creating an informal, unique space while maintaining its ad hoc ambience.

The Young Vic required the doors to achieve an acoustic rating of 35dB Rw, both to enable the sound in the auditorium to be amplified without disturbing the rest of the building, and also to prevent noise from outside disturbing performances. The high performance acoustic doors were fitted with an integrated sealing system, incorporating Lorient's acoustic and smoke perimeter seal - the Curved Fin Batwing®; a plain fire seal and the LAS8001 si automatic drop seal. This selection of Lorient seals was also installed throughout the rehearsal areas, changing rooms and around the public spaces, providing an effective, practical solution for acoustic, smoke and fire containment, to meet the requirements of Approved Documents E and B.

However, access for all, covered by Approved Document M, demands that many doors have minimum operating forces to enable doors to be easy of use. With a 100,000 people, young and old, passing through the Young Vic each year, it was vital to fit a sealing system that did not impede the door’s smooth operation. The Lorient seals installed provide exceptionally low frictional resistance to everyday opening and closing forces to help the doors meet Document M requirements.

Lorient’s integrated approach - known as the Threedom® concept - provides a straightforward solution to enable the requirements of Approved Documents E, B and M to be met, and offers complete peace of mind for specifiers, installers and clients alike.