NEW LAS8014 si - high performance acoustic drop seal

We've added a number of new aluminium drop seals to our ever-expanding range of contemporary architectural seals. All architectural seals are manufactured in our UK facility, to exacting standards. Products are etched using the latest laser technology and proudly display the Made in Britain marque.

We offer a range of versatile drop seals that perform the essential role of smoke and acoustic containment at the threshold; that can either be face-fixed to the door leaf or mortised into the bottom of the door. Lorient drop seals are designed to lift clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres; and automatically drop down when the door closes to form a tight seal. These seals can also provide an effective barrier to insects, light, and draughts – improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

The latest addition to the Lorient Architectural Seals range is the LAS8014 si – a heavy-duty drop seal for superior acoustic performance – 47dB, tested with BS EN ISO 10140-1: 2010+A2: 2014 (Annex J). This robust seal, features a wraparound outer gasket with an internal gasket for enhanced acoustic performance. Its parallel drop action provides close contact with the floor on uneven surfaces. A high efficiency mechanism means that it requires minimal effort to operate – ideal for wheeled traffic. Also, for premium aesthetics die cast end plates are available in a metallic finish.

The LAS8014 si meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 9999; and is used for sealing the threshold of door assemblies against leakage of ambient temperature smoke, as defined in BS 476-31.1: 1983. It has also been cycled on a full-size door assembly, opening and closing over 1,000,000 times without degradation.

It's vital to seal all four sides of the door for the ultimate sealing system; combining a drop seal with a suitable perimeter seal – such as the Lorient Batwing® for acoustic and smoke containment, or the Lorient DS seal for acoustic, smoke and fire protection.