Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Fire resistant glazing systems

Glazing in fire doors and screens is an important safety measure. It lets people see hazards ahead, including fire and smoke.

But adding glazing to a door creates a point of weakness. Where the timber and glass meet, fire can take hold. Also, without support, the glass can quickly slump and fail in the extreme heat of a fire.

Lorient’s intumescent glazing systems hold the glass firmly in place. In everyday use, this stops the glass from rattling. In a fire, the glazing channel or strip expands, preventing the glass from slumping. It also stops heat transferring to the timber, so fire cannot take hold around the edges of the glazing aperture.

Our systems include a glazing channel or strip, beading, and in some cases an intumescent liner. Glazing can be only installed in a fire door if the test evidence permits; and systems should always be installed exactly as stated.

Your choice of glazing system depends on the application (door or screen), fire resistance, and glass type

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