LVC40 Intumescent Air Transfer Grille

High Performance Circular Vision Style ATG

A high performance, standard vision intumescent air transfer grille for doors, walls + ducts. Ideal for toilet extraction systems in residential premises, hotels + many other buildings. The design allows space savings, ease of installation + avoids the need for operational function checks.

System specification

Application Suitable for doors, walls + ducts. Please note: in applications where high levels of humidity or wetness are anticipated, it is recommended that an LVHC44 product should be employed
Thickness 40mm
Material PVC slats with an intumescent core
Finish Silver as standard
Test evidence Fire: BS 476-20 /22: 1987, BS EN 1634-1: 2014 & BS EN 1634-5:2017
Performance Can be used to provide up to 60 minutes resistance to fire. EI rating of 120 minutes when used in conjunction with a cover grille. Please speak to our Technical Department for details
Use with Metal cover grille (optional)
Certifire CF564