CE Intumescent Acoustic Acrylic sealant

Air Transfer Grilles

Lorient CE Marked Intumescent Acoustic Acrylic Sealant designed to cover the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR) requirement for linear gap seals + penetration seals.
When exposed to fire, it expands in volume to fill all cavities; providing a necessary hot smoke seal.

System specification

Applications A linear gap seal for gaps in wall + floor constructions + as a linear joint seal where wall + floor constructions abut. a penetration seal around metallic pipes & electrical cables to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall & floor constructions. Seal the perimeter around fire + smoke resistant damper/air transfer grilles in doors, walls, ducts floors + ceilings
Material Polymer content increased for improved flexibility - tolerates differential movement in everyday service
FINISHES White as standard. Other colours available to special order
Availability Supplied in individual 310ml cartridges or in boxes of 25 units
Storage + Cleaning Store in cool dry conditions between 5°C - 30°C. Do not allow to freeze. Water based - tools can be cleaned using soap and water
Performance Provides effective acoustic containment. Provides up to 240 minutes fire resistance
Test Evidence CE Marked. Fire: BS EN 1366-3: 2004, BS EN 1366-4: 2006 + BS EN 13501-2: 2016.Acoustic: BS EN 10140-2 :2010. Building Construction: BS EN ISO 8339: 2005. Building Construction: BS EN ISO 9046: 2004 for the types Z1 + Z2 use categories specified in ETAG 026-3. ETA 21/0975, ETA 21/0976, ETAG 026-2 + ETAG 026-3