S88 compression seal

Pemko by Lorient

The S88 is a versatile compression seal that is smoke and fire rated, meeting UBC7-2 positive pressure testing and Category G gasket for edge sealing systems for use with Category B doors. This lightweight seal features self-adhesive, making it easy to install, and it is available in a variety of colours.


System specification

LOCATION Side of frame
Seal material Silicone
Standard lengths 155.45m roll
Minimum order quantity 7000m (45 rolls)
Fixing Self-adhesive tape. Note: contact surfaces must be clean, smooth and, if painted, well cured
Colours Black, white, dark brown or grey
Fire Tested to UL10B Standard Fire Tests and UL10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
Smoke Tested to UL 1784 and meets the requirements of NFPA 105-2013 for smoke leakage in an opening; allows no more than 3.0 cfm per square foot at 0.10” water column (about 75 Pa)
Acoustic Tested to ASTM E90 – 2009 in a single or in multiple sound seal configurations for sound attenuation in an opening
Air Infiltration Tested to ASTM E-283-04 (2012) for low air leakage allowance; allows no more than 0.3 cfm per square foot at 1.57 psf (75 Pa