LAS9010 Flush Bolt + Drop Seal

Architectural Seals

An innovative, slimline flush bolt that seamlessly integrates with our most popular drop seal - LAS8001 si. The flush bolt is a security device to be used on pairs of doors to secure the inactive leaf. It is activated by a discreet Lorient branded lever, that drops the bolt into a sleek keep in the floor. Specifically designed for use with our rebated high performance drop seal; together they provide the ultimate system combining security, with acoustic, smoke & energy containment at the bottom of the door.

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System specification

Test evidence Maintains acoustic performance of drop seal 41dB (BS EN ISO 10140-1:2010+A2: 2014, Annex J). Fire: BS 476-20/22: 1987 in an FD30.* Fire: BS 476-20/22: 1987 in an FD60.* Smoke: BS EN 1634-3:2004 at ambient and medium temperature; effective smoke seal up to 200°C. Classified to BS EN 12051: 2000. Durability: 50,000 cycles
LOCATION Double swing doors. For use on both right + left handed doors. Suitable for bottom + top of the door
SEAL MATERIAL Grey or black silicone rubber
FINISHES Brushed stainless steel
STANDARD LENGTHS 335mm, 435mm, 535mm, 635mm, 735mm, 835mm, 935mm, 1035mm, 1135mm + 1235mm. Note: each length can be cut to the next size down. The 335mm can be cut back to 255mm
Category of use 1
Number of test cycles 4
Test door mass -
Fire Resistance 1
Safety in use 0
Corrosion resistance 3
Security 1