LAS8006 si Drop Seal


A heavy duty, face-fixed automatic drop seal. It features a high efficiency mechanism, which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres; resulting in lower door operating forces. Requires no power connection. Self-levelling on uneven floors; seal height can be adjusted independently of fixing screws.


System specification

TEST EVIDENCE Smoke: BS 476-31.1: 1983 at ambient temperature. Acoustic: BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 (up to Rw 30dB). Durability: 100,000 cycles
PERFORMANCE Meets smoke requirement: BS 9999: 2017
Location Single swing, single + double leaf doors. For use on both right + left handed doors
SEAL MATERIAL Black or grey silicone rubber
Standard finish Silver anodised aluminium with grey end caps and grey silicone rubber gasket as standard
Non-standard finish Bronze anodised aluminium with black end caps and black silicone rubber gasket are subject to non-standard charges and additional lead times. Other powder-coated colour finishes (non-standard - charges and lead times apply)
STANDARD LENGTHS 335mm, 435mm, 535mm, 635mm, 735mm, 835mm, 935mm, 1035mm, 1135mm + 1235mm. Note: Each length can be cut back to the next size down. The 335mm can be cut back to 275mm
ADJUSTMENT Self-levelling on uneven surfaces – can be adjusted independently of the fixing screws
UL R27972