Conductor Hinge

Air Transfer Grilles

Our electrical conductor hinges are designed for concealed transfer of power from fire and smoke air transfer grilles into the door leaf. The hinge utilises advanced polymer bushes to provide a totally maintenance free, low friction hinge.

Tested to BS EN 1935:2002 and certifire approved.

Capable of carrying 24v at 2 amps.

System specification

Application Suitable for timber fire doors. Minimum door thickness 44mm. 20 - 240 minute doorsets containing intumescent seals and consisting of non-metaliic faced and edged leaves hung in timber frames
Maximum leaf weight120kg
Size Width: 88mm. Height: 100mm. Thickness 3mm
Cable lengthStandard length: 1m frame side and leaf side. 4-core cable supplied as standard (3-core + spare). Other options available for special order
Material Brushed stainless steel 304 as standard. 316 stainless steel available to special order
Use with Talkback damper control system. LVN20S / LVN25S
Certifire CF209