A new ATG knowledge hub has been added to our website with a clear mission to champion clear technical data & information - a one stop shop for those specifying intumescent air transfer grilles.

Lorient designs and manufactures high quality intumescent air transfer grilles that combine air movement with fire protection – making buildings safer & more comfortable for occupants to live in. In everyday use, the intumescent grilles allow air to circulate freely throughout the building; but in a fire, the intumescent expands to form a solid block that stops the fire from spreading.

The correct specification of these passive fire protection products is critical. In recent years, we’ve invested significantly in testing our products to the latest industry standards, to offer the finest ‘air transfer grille package’ our industry has to offer.

Lorient is committed to the highest level of product quality and we want to make sure our supporting materials and tools are first class too! The knowledge hub is a fantastic resource which includes our brand new product selector web app, technical brochure, installation manual, FAQs and webinar. Take a look here…