As a respected designer and manufacturer of a wide range of products for fire and smoke containment, Lorient is proud to be a dedicated supporter of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW). The campaign was launched in 2013 in response to a legacy of fire door neglect, and we have been supporting it since the beginning.

FDSW is a ‘mass market’ awareness campaign to increase public understanding of the vital role that fire doors play in protecting life and property. The campaign is managed by the British Woodworking Federation and is supported by a number of partners, including the Home Office’s National Fire Safety campaign, the National Fire Chief’s Council and London Fire Brigade.

FDSW Campaign Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors, drawing attention to specific issues such as poor installation and maintenance.
  • To encourage building owners and users to check the operation and condition of their fire doors and to report those that aren’t satisfactory.
  • To link together the initiatives of many organisations with common interests in the fire door and passive fire protection industries.
  • To engage and educate people, helping the whole building industry and every property owner to understand the correct specification, supply, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance.

Webinars on-demand 

We're delighted to share a number of educational webinars that cover our specialist field of acoustic, smoke and fire containment. Our 3 RIBA accredited CPD seminars are available to watch on-demand. These include:

  • Performance Door Design: The Basics of Sound Reduction;
  • The Role and Performance of Fire + Smoke-Resisting Door Assemblies;
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 + its implications for fire doors.

We also have our latest CPD seminar available entitled: ‘The Specification + Design of Air Transfer Grilles / Dampers’. This is a fantastic addition to our growing collection of CPD seminars and explores: the latest test standards and building regulations; the major difference between intumescent air transfer grilles and dampers; the importance of correct specification, installation and maintenance; plus it offers practical solutions to fire and smoke containment over a range of applications.

The seminars are structured to be technically informative, while providing practical advice. All of our webinars are free of charge and all industry professionals are welcome to join. Certificates of completion are available to all registered live attendees who complete the webinar. 

Simply click the links below to begin.

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