Lorient offers a range of cover grilles for its intumescent air transfer grilles. Please note the existing silver finish will now be supplied in a new industry-standard satin silver finish of RAL 9006.

Lorient supplies steel cover grilles which are face fixed to doors, walls or end of ducts – these offer a more pleasing aesthetic for our range of intumescent air transfer grilles.

A further option is our vision-proof aluminium flanged grilles, which are suitable for surface mounting on doors, walls or partitions. Especially useful for narrow doors or fireblock installations. The aluminium ‘V’ shape chevron blade mounted on a close 8mm pitch ensures privacy and prevents the possibility to see-through.

We do have some existing stock of the previous finish, but this will be managed effectively ensuring colour batches are not mixed on orders for consistency.

If you have any questions or concerns - please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing sales@lorientuk.com.

Please note: the actual product may differ slightly from how it appears on your screen due to varying monitor settings.