Continuous sealing at ironmongery points

Interrupting a smoke or acoustic door seal at hinges or other ironmongery can seriously reduce its effectiveness and may even mean that the regulatory requirements will not be met. That’s why it’s vital to ensure a continuous smoke seal all around the door.

To provide an effective barrier to smoke and sound it’s essential that a smoke seal is maintained at the hinges (Fig. 1). If locks are also unprotected the door will not meet regulatory requirements.

Our DS or Finesse perimeter seals offer the ultimate in fire, smoke & acoustic protection – because their unique design means that whichever way round the product is installed, the seal can always be fitted in the correct place, maintaining the integrity of the acoustic & smoke seal at the ironmongery points. Hinge blades may vary in depth / width and therefore the DS / Finesse seal may be positioned offset at a maximum of 23mm from the opening side of the door or frame to provide a continuous smoke and acoustic seal.

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