Starting on December 1, 2022, changes will be made to Approved Document B — the document that sets out the minimum standards for fire safety in buildings in England.

2022 Amendments

The changes focus on the following fire safety provisions:

  • Ban of combustible materials in and on the external walls of buildings: Consequential amendments following the laying of the Building (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2022. Updated provisions in Section 10 for residential buildings (purpose groups 1 and 2) with a storey 11m or more in height.
  • Secure information boxes: A new recommendation for secure information boxes in blocks of flats with storeys over 11m.
  • Evacuation alert systems: A new recommendation for evacuation alert systems in blocks of flats with storeys over 18m.
  • Clarifications and corrections: Clarification of further diagrams, further text clarifications and corrections. The changes are set out in the June 2022 AD B amendments.