LAS8001M Drop Seal


A slimline, mortised automatic drop seal for timber sliding doors. The end plate cleverly conceals a magnet, which engages with a button in the frame, to assist the door closure and ensures the gasket remains in the dropped position without forcing the door open. The seal features a high efficiency mechanism, which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres; resulting in lower door operating forces.


System specification

LOCATION Sliding doors
SEAL MATERIAL Grey or black silicone rubber
Standard finish Silver anodised aluminium with silver end plates, and grey silicone rubber gasket as standard. Chrome finish magnetised button
Non-standard finish Silver anodised aluminium with bronze end plates, and black silicone rubber gasket are subject to non-standard charges and additional lead times
STANDARD LENGTHS 335mm, 435mm, 535mm, 635mm, 735mm, 835mm, 935mm, 1035mm, 1135mm and 1235mm. Sizes above 1235mm are available on request. Note: Each length can be cut back to the next size down. The 335mm can be cut back to 255mm.
ADJUSTMENT Self-levelling on uneven surfaces. Can be adjusted independently of the fixing screws