New air transfer grille installation manual

Lorient designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance intumescent air transfer grilles. In everyday use, the intumescent grilles allow air to circulate freely throughout the building; but in a fire, the intumescent expands to form a solid block that stops the fire from spreading.

The correct installation of these passive fire protection products is critical. We are therefore delighted to launch a new, comprehensive installation manual for our collection of intumescent air transfer grilles.

Wherever ventilation is required through a fire-resisting wall or where ductwork runs through that wall, an intumescent air transfer grille should be fitted at that point to maintain fire compartmentation. Smoke protection is also vital. We offer a range of intumescent grilles and dampers with an added smoke control shutter: our Talkback system.

Manufactured to the highest quality, Lorient intumescent air transfer grilles offer a reliable solid-state design, that unlike conventional mechanical fire dampers do not contain any moving parts. They are tested and approved in accordance with the very latest standards.

Highlights from the new installation manual include:

  • A product selector to help select the right intumescent air transfer grilles;
  • Applications covering doors, walls, ducts & floors;
  • Approvals to BS 476-22:1987 & BE EN 1364-5:2017;
  • Interactive buttons linking directly to Certifire Certificates and to ease navigation throughout the manual.

PLEASE NOTE: It is vital that Lorient air transfer grilles are correctly specified, and the installation is conducted in accordance with our installation instructions by competent installers. For more information or technical support please contact our team of experts, email or call 01626 834252.