Fire & Cold Smoke Air Transfer Grilles for Doors Explained

The capability to maintain a smoke barrier prior to the need for fire containment is becoming an increasingly critical area for intumescent products. Lorient's LVN20S fire and cold smoke resistant air transfer grille, coupled with the Lorient Talkback Damper Control System, provides a comprehensive solution to this problem. In this article we'll explain how the system works, along with the key features and benefits.

The Lorient LVN20S for doors

The LVN20S is a unique product that contains fire and cold smoke within a room in emergency conditions, while still allowing for ventilation through doors in everyday use. It has the same intumescent, non-vision louvered slat configuration as the fire-only LVN20, but it also incorporates an electro mechanically operated smoke shutter mechanism. This mechanism is controlled by Lorient’s Talkback Damper Control Unit (DCM), which receives a signal from the building’s fire alarm in the event of a fire. When the alarm goes off, the DCM triggers the shutters within the LVN20S to close, blocking the passage of highly toxic cold smoke.

Most large buildings require a significant number of FD30S and FD60S fire doors within any one fire zone. These doors may be a considerable distance apart, or even on different floors. The Talkback system has been designed to control up to sixteen air transfer grille assemblies from one centralised status monitoring unit. A unique 2-way communication system operates between the Damper Control and Monitor Unit (DCM) and the air transfer grille actuators.

The intumescent air transfer grilles in the LVN20S activate at temperatures above 100°C. At this point, the material expands to form a solid block that stops the fire from spreading through the building for a designated period of time.

Features + benefits

  • Can provide up to 60 minutes fire and smoke resistance.
  • Available to fit 44mm (FD30) or 54mm (FD60) doors.
  • The Talkback can control up to 16 air transfer grille units.
  • It fails-safe – the smoke shutters will automatically close in the event of an alarm, power failure or loss of communication.
  • It resets automatically when the alarm is cancelled or power is restored.
  • It is self-testing – every 24 hours the dampers are automatically closed and opened to check they are working and to dislodge any dust and debris between the moving parts.
  • It continuously monitors the status of each damper and displays this on the Talkback monitor (open, closed, or null).
  • It is quick and easy to install – simple loop wiring is used and the damper units are supplied ready assembled and tested.
  • Uses a safe 12V DC supply to open and close the dampers.
  • Tested in accordance with the requirements of the Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Low Voltage Directive and therefore bears the CE mark (copies of the relevant test reports are available on request).
  • Non-vision - no cover grille needed.
  • An additional audio monitor provides an alert in case any shutters fall into 'null' status.
  • Additional battery backup is available in case of power failure.

Watch one of our Lorient technical experts demonstrate the LVN20S in the video below.

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