Door sealing – learn the basics

After 40 years’ experience, you can trust that Lorient knows everything there is to know about fire seals, smoke seals and acoustic seals. 

We’ve updated our popular introduction to the concept of door sealing guide; which is designed for students, or those new to the industry who want to learn ‘the basics’. It can also be a helpful point of reference when reading product brochures, as a reminder of some of the key points, and for definitions of terms.

The RIBA accredited guide covers fire, smoke and acoustic sealing for doors, around the door’s edge (perimeter) and across the bottom (threshold). Some other useful sealing products are mentioned too, such as seals for glass doors and finger guards. Regulatory compliance and independent accreditation is also covered – and there’s a useful glossary of terms at the back. At the end of each section there is an activity to undertake, to help reinforce learning.