Air transfer grilles for fire doors

We're delighted to share a new suite of detailed fitting instructions for Lorient’s range of air transfer grilles - specifically for door applications.

Air movement

Air movement in a building is important. In everyday use, grilles are fitted into walls and some doors; and ductwork to keep fresh air circulating & moving throughout the building. But wherever air moves, fire and smoke can travel too.

Intumescent air transfer grilles

In a fire, the intumescent expands, fusing the grille into a solid block that stops fire spreading. Therefore, wherever ventilation is needed through a fire-resisting wall or where ductwork runs through that wall, an intumescent fire grille should be fitted at that point to maintain fire compartmentation.

Comprehensive range

Lorient offers a comprehensive range of intumescent air transfer grilles that combine air movement with fire protection. Our air transfer grilles are:

  • Durable with a robust construction
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective – combining air movement & fire protection

Smoke protection

Smoke protection is also vital. We offer a range of intumescent grilles and dampers with an added smoke control shutter: our Talkback system. The air transfer grilles are connected, via a control panel, to a standard fire alarm system. In the event of an alarm condition, or power failure, the smoke shutters shut, preventing the passage of cold smoke. Electrical conductor hinges are used for the concealed transfer of power from fire & smoke air transfer grilles into the door leaf.