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Fire, Smoke and Weather Sealing for Door Assemblies

If I fit a threshold seal, do I need to fit a threshold plate too?

A threshold plate is a good idea, for several reasons:

  • It will help to ensure a good seal is maintained at the threshold, by giving a firm surface for the threshold seal to rest against.
  • It can help to prevent weather ingress when used as part of a storm-guard system (such as our LAS3008.
  • If you are sealing dissimilar surfaces (eg, carpet and vinyl), the threshold plate can cover the join to prevent both wear and tripping hazards. Our threshold ramps can also easily accommodate differences in floor heights, to make access easier for all.
  • If your floor surface is particularly liable to wear and tear in places below the door (eg, a high level of traffic, or over a carpet that may become compressed over time), then a threshold plate will help to prevent these uneven areas affecting the threshold sealing.

Please refer to our threshold plates and ramps for details of the threshold seals and ramps we can offer.

Please download our door sealing guide for further information.