Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Fire, Smoke and Weather Sealing for Door Assemblies

I have an existing fire rated door, but I have been told that it needs to provide smoke containment too.  What do you recommend? 

The first product we would always recommend you consider is our Batwing® seal. With proven performance for acoustic and smoke containment, a choice of sizes for different applications, and ultra-low frictional resistance for ease of door operation, it's an exceptional all-round solution. As it fixes onto the doorstop with strong self-adhesive tape, it's easy to install and you won't need to remove your door to fit it.

Alternatively, our perimeter seals, face-fixed to the door stop provide a good option, and several have been designed to accommodate uneven doors.

If you have double leaf doors, remember you will need to fit a seal at the meeting stile too.

And don't forget the threshold! - it's essential to seal it for effective smoke containment (please refer to our FAQ on threshold sealing for more information!). We have face-fixed options in both our door bottom seals and drop seals that can be installed without removing the door.