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Acoustic Door Seals

I've heard that some seals on the market can achieve acoustic ratings of around 40-50dB Rw.  Is that right? 

You need to be very careful when you look at the acoustic rating of door seals. The door and the sealing system always work in combination, so the only way to really know how a seal will perform in practice is to test it on a full-size, working door assembly. Lorient always do that, and we'd suggest you ask for a copy of the full test evidence for any seal that claims to offer exceptionally high acoustic performance ratings. Do be careful if you find that any part of the door perimeter has been artificially caulked (filled) for testing purposes; or that the door assembly was smaller than it would be in reality; or that a non-standard door construction was used - any of these things may result in the seal being given an 'artificial' acoustic performance that it couldn't actually achieve in practice.

We're more than happy to provide specifiers and Lorient customers with a copy of our test evidence so you can make an informed choice!