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Certifire certificates

CERTIFIRE is an accredited independent product conformity scheme operated by Warringtonfire Certification

As part of the CERTIFIRE schedule products are required: 

  • to add minimal resistance to opening and closing;
  • to meet the requirements of BS 9999 when tested for smoke leakage according to BS 476 Section 31.1: 1983, even after an endurance test of 100,000 opening and closing cycles;
  • to maintain consistent seal quality according to the disciplinesof a recognised quality assurance scheme, for example BS EN ISO 9001: 2015;
  • to prove long term performance under a variety of service conditions;
  • to be permanently marked so they can be easily identified.

In addition, under CERTIFIRE schedule TS35 the manufacturing process is subject to more thorough auditing, and more stringent production controls are required on the part of the manufacturer.

Products submitted for CERTIFIRE approval must also now initially undergo more extensive pressure, expansion and humidity testing than in the past, along with a defined fire test to either BS or EN standards. These measures serve to ensure that only products demonstrating a consistently high quality and proven performance carry the CERTIFIRE marque.

Lorient has held CERTIFIRE certification for many years, and has achieved the more rigorous requirements of the revised schedule for fire and smoke seals, TS35. 

The company also holds CERTIFIRE certification on its entire range of glazing products; acoustic, smoke and fire seals; and several of its Architectural Seals; along with - a range of fire and smoke resistant dampers / air transfer grilles - which can be found in the download section on this page or alternatively on relevant product pages in the website.