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Hinge protection kits

All door furniture must be fitted in a way which ensures the fire resisting properties of a door are not compromised. 

In many instances the recommendation is that ironmongery be bedded in intumescent mastic or paste. A quicker, easier, cleaner and more accurate solution is to use shaped pads of intumescent material.

Lorient offers a range of kits designed for use with:

  • hinges
  • locks and latches
  • concealed hydraulic door closers.

Hinge Protection Kits

These kits provide fire resistance of 30 minutes or 60 minutes when fitted to full size door assemblies and tested in accordance with BS 476 Pt. 22.

Lorient can supply intumescent protection kits for commonly
specified hinges eg:

  • Royde & Tucker
  • Cooke Bros.
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