Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Firemaster fire & smoke resistant letterplate

This new letterplate assembly has been tested in accordance with the principles of BS 476 Pt 20/22 and has been shown to provide in excess of 30 minutes fire resistance. 

  • Telescopic intumescent liner, making it suitable for different thicknesses of door.
  • Robust aluminium construction.
  • Tested with positive pressure and can be located in any area of the door.
  • CERTIFIRE approved, certificate number CF219 (letterplate manufactured by Paddock Fabrications Ltd).
  • Nylon brush seals fitted to prevent vision through the letterplate and provide draught proofing.
  • Security cowl available to prevent vision through the letterplate when open, and to inhibit manipulation of locks and bolts.

Acoustic Performance
Under test conditions it has been demonstrated that the Firemaster letterplate does not cause any significant reduction to the overall acoustic performance of the solid core fire door to which it is fitted. 

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