Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Specialised fire resistant door hardware


Ironmongery is a vital part of a fire door. Doors needs hinges in order to work. Hotel room doors need door viewers and automatic closers for safety and security; and apartment doors need locks and letterplates.

Every time a fire door is cut to fit ironmongery, a weakness is created. This could mean three or four weak points in a door, where fire can take hold. What’s more, because ironmongery is metal, it’s an excellent heat conductor – which means fire can easily transfer from one side of the door to the other, rapidly destroying the door.

Adding intumescent kits protects those weak points. Our kits are made from intumescent sheet, which is wrapped around each piece of ironmongery so it acts as an insulator. Tested with a range of standard ironmongery, kits are supplied pre-cut to the right dimensions, for quick, clean and easy fitting.

We also supply door edge protectors. These are a highly cost-effective way to upgrade damaged fire doors, and are supplied with combined acoustic, smoke and fire seals.

Click here to download our specialised fire resistant door hardware brochure.