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System-36 PLUS - intumescent glazing gasket

Lorient’s System-36 PLUS is a flexible family of U-shaped intumescent gaskets designed for 30 minute fire resistant doors and screens. When using approved glass types (please refer to CF5060 for the full range of glass types) it provides 60 minute fire resistance for doors and screens.


  • Each size variant features a unique colour on the spine for easier identification.
  • Available to suit different thicknesses of glass from 5mm to 23mm.
  • Supplied coiled in a box so it’s easily dispensed and cut to length, avoiding wastage in off-cuts.
  • Suitable for use with a range of standard fixing beads.
  • Flexible enough to be fitted to curved corners and circular vision panels.

Standard profile lengths:

  • System-36/6 PLUS: 60 metre coil
  • System-36/7 PLUS: 60 metre coil
  • System-36/10 PLUS: 30 metre coil
  • System-36/15 PLUS: 30 metre coil
  • System-36/23 PLUS: 25 metre coil.
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