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RF1™ - 60 minute intumescent glazing system

Lorient's RF1™ is a versatile 60 minute glazing system that has been developed in response to strong demand from door manufacturers for a well designed, bead-applied glazing solution that delivers on style. 

Lorient’s RF1™ glazing system comprises:

  • A pair of bead applied intumescent glazing seals.
  • A sodium silicate intumescent liner.
  • To be used with appropriate hardwood retaining beads (which Lorient can supply).     


  • Its unique design allows tolerances (flexibility) between door, bead and glass thicknesses to be accommodated.  
  • Fire resistance provided for 60 minute applications for doors and screens.
  • For use with pins which are discreet and quick to apply or alternatively fit with screws.
  • Premium aesthetics – caps are available in a variety of finishes to harmonise with the door.

To find out more please contact our Technical team on +44 (0)1626 834252.

RF1™ is currently only available in Europe.