Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Other intumescent door strips, smoke seals and fire door seals

In addition to the DS and Finesse™ seal profiles, Lorient also offers fire seal only products, other fin-type seals (TS and AS seal profiles), and brush-type seals (SS seal profiles) in a range of sizes. Please download the Acoustic, Smoke & Fire Seals for Door Assemblies brochure for full details - page 14.

You may find our FAQs (Fire, Smoke and Weather Sealing for Door Assemblies section) helpful in making your choice.

Specific product codes for this category:

  • Fire seal only products: LP1003, LP1004, LP1504, LP2004, LP2504 (NEW now incorporates antimicrobial technology - click here to find out more);
  • TS profile: LP1003TS, LP1004TS, LP1504TS, LP2004TS, LP2504TS;
  • AS profile: LP1003AS, LP1004AS, LP1504AS, LP2004AS, LP2504AS;
  • SS brush profile: LE1003SS (non-intumescent), LP1004SS, LP1504SS, LP2004SS, LP2504SS.

Please note that certain profiles are now available to special order only.