Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Acoustic Door Seals - Sound Insulation

Gaps around the four sides of a door leaf are essential, so doors can open and close.

But these gaps allow sound to pass through. Constant low-level noise can be as disruptive as louder sounds. In some cases, confidential conversations may be overheard. Approved Document E to the Building Regulations gives specific acoustic performance requirements for doors in certain buildings, including schools, care homes and hotels.

Lorient acoustic seals fill the door gaps. For fire doors, many of our combined smoke and fire seals also provide acoustic protection. For non-fire rated doors, where intumescent protection isn’t needed, you can choose seals such as our Batwing®, or one of our LAS perimeter seals. All these seals are fitted across the top of the door and on the vertical sides.

Sealing the threshold is vital. You’ll find a wide choice of threshold seals from our LAS range in this section, all with proven acoustic performance.

We have tested and proven systems for 30 and 60 minute fire rated doors, non-fire doors, specialist acoustic doors, and double-leaf doors.  Ask our technical team for guidance and specific performance details.

New - results of acoustic laboratory tests recorded with an acoustic camera – dramatically displays the difference between an unsealed door and a door sealed with Lorient’s products click here.


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