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Lorient Announces New Board Appointment

We’re delighted to announce an appointment to the Board of Directors of Lorient Polyproducts. Kerry Hicks has been promoted to Sales Director (Designate).

Kerry has successfully headed the Sales Department for many years, works very closely with all his colleagues across all departments and has a great understanding of the regulatory framework that governs our sector. He leads by example and is implementing a strong Sales strategy, gaining the respect and support from all who work with him.

“Kerry’s style is professional, determined & personable. He is well known throughout our industry and demonstrates great commitment to what we stand for. He will make a valuable contribution to the Board.” Says Maria Simmonds, Managing Director.

Kerry’s career at Lorient began over 10 years ago, when he made the move from Sales of mobile technology. His keen understanding of the technical aspects of the Lorient range has helped him establish his credentials as a key member of our senior team. He is adding to his remit by becoming increasingly involved in our activities in the Middle East in support of our exclusive distributor there. He and his partner, Lorient Marketing Manager, Amy Binmore have recently become new parents to a beautiful baby daughter!

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