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RF1® glazing system delivers on style and performance

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Our versatile new fire resistant glazing system - RF1® has been developed in response to strong demand for a well designed, bead-applied glazing solution for 60 minute applications that delivers on style and performance.

Glazed panels are often required in fire resistant walls and doors to allow vision and natural light. In door assemblies, they allow people to see others approaching from the opposite direction; they also allow fire and smoke to be seen without opening the door - an important safety benefit. However, adding a vision panel to a door can create a point of weakness; and where timber and glass meet, fire can take hold. Also, without support, the glass can quickly slump and fall out in the extreme heat of a fire.

The solution is to fit fire resistant glass secured by an appropriate glazing retention system. Lorient’s latest 60 minute glazing system RF1® comprises a pair of bead-applied intumescent glazing seals and an intumescent liner. Its unique design incorporates flexible fins that allow small tolerances between door, bead and glass thicknesses to be accommodated.

In everyday use, the RF1® system holds glass firmly in place which stops the glass from rattling. In a fire, the two glazing seals and liner expand, preventing the glass from slumping; and also stopping heat transferring to the timber, so fire cannot take hold around the edges of the glazing aperture.

RF1® offers premium aesthetics, the coloured caps are the only visible elements when fitted – and these are available in a variety of colours to coordinate with the beading, door finishes and door furniture. Most importantly, RF1®  has been successfully tested for fire resistance in 60 minute applications, for doors and screens, and carries CERTIFIRE CF5033 certification.

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