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Lorient Southeast Asia to exhibit at BEX Asia 2012


Lorient Southeast Asia is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting at BEX Asia on 10-12 October 2012 – Southeast Asia’s premier business platform for sustainable design and the built environment. Renowned internationally for its acoustic, smoke, and fire containment products for door assemblies, Lorient’s new subsidiary in Southeast Asia, will be showcasing innovations on stand J21 at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore.

New developments include integral antimicrobial protection for Lorient’s popular range of door seals. It’s proven to be up to 99% effective at killing a wide range of bacteria in independent laboratory tests. The active ingredient works by preventing the bacteria’s access to nutrients so that they starve and die – levels of bacteria on surfaces are significantly reduced over a 24 hour period. As well as the increased hygiene benefits, it’s also effective at protecting against mould and mildew in high humidity environments.

In addition, the company will be introducing System-36 PLUS, the next generation of 30 minute fire resistant glazing channels for doors and screens. It’s a hard-working and highly versatile system, complete with new colour-coded spine for easier identification.

Visitors to the stand will experience how Lorient’s products protect and preserve many aspects of the built environment with a fascinating virtual tour around a building. By containing fire and smoke, Lorient’s sealing systems mitigate building damage in the event of a fire – saving costs to building owners, and reducing the environmental damage which can be caused during and after a fire.

Lorient door seals also help to improve quality of life every day, by providing sound containment. New acoustic camera footage filmed at a live acoustic laboratory test clearly demonstrates the difference between an unsealed door and a door sealed with Lorient products – the results are dramatic.

Many of Lorient’s door sealing systems also contribute to thermal containment. Products with elastomeric fins – such as the company’s Finesse™ door seal – provide a proven barrier to air movement, helping building owners and occupiers to reduce air leakage and therefore energy wastage.

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