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Important changes to the Lorient Group


Over the past few years the former Lorient Group of companies has been demerged to create a number of different businesses in different parts of the world. The largest part of this demerger was the management buyout carried out in 2007 by a team comprising Maria Simmonds, Jason Williams and Tom Kingdon who acquired the majority shareholding in the Lorient Group; including Lorient Pacific (in Hong Kong) and Lorient North America. While the Lorient North America business was subsequently sold to Paul Chudley and Kristy Gevedon-Jones, Lorient Holdings still retains a significant share and the two companies continue to trade closely, collaborating wherever possible.

The operations in Australia and Middle East, while trading as Lorient for a period of time, only did so courtesy of a licensing agreement from Lorient, which has now come to an end. Therefore the former Lorient Australia and its operation in Dubai (Lorient Middle East) can no longer trade as Lorient companies. Both companies are undergoing a corporate identity change to trade as their incorporated name: Kilargo. To clarify – these companies are now entirely separate from the Lorient Group and only those companies incorporated by the owners of Lorient in the UK can bear the Lorient name.

Most importantly the highly respected and well known Lorient brand and all of its associated intellectual property is 100% owned outright by Lorient in the UK, its holding company Lorient Holdings and its subsidiaries. What this means is that wherever in the world customers demand genuine Lorient products with their associated pedigree – they should insist on verifying that they carry Lorient's registered trademark. Always insist that the Lorient product you have selected and specified is the product you end up taking delivery of. Lorient’s extensive certification and third party accreditation is applicable only to genuine Lorient products manufactured in one of our operations and these details are clearly printed on them. We cannot guarantee the performance of any product that does not carry Lorient's pedigree. We are very used to our successful products being copied and while we have an extensive portfolio of intellectual property protection, there will still be those who insist on infringing. If you're in doubt, just ask and we'll verify the authenticity of any claims. But it's just as well for Buyers to beware!

The comprehensive and ever expanding suite of Lorient products will continue to be offered throughout the world both directly and via licensed distributors, a visit to our websites will help direct you to the most relevant operation. And as a truly global company, we will shortly be announcing exciting news about further expansion of the Lorient Group overseas to ensure that the reputation we have established for well over 30 years continues to provide the highest quality products, performance and people to markets all around the world.

If anyone has any questions arising out of this announcement please do not hesitate to contact any of the Lorient UK directors – links to whom can be found on the website.