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Lorient's guide to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Leading door seal manufacturer Lorient has produced a guide detailing how its products can help meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Although the piece of legislation came into force over four years ago in England and Wales; many businesses are still not complying or unaware of their responsibilities as part of the legislation; substantial fines have been imposed on businesses of all sizes, from small firms and landlords, to international companies.

Responsibility for fire safety including the maintenance of fire doors and fire escapes rests with whoever has day-to-day control of building premises; and this applies to virtually all commercial premises such as pubs, nightclubs, hotels and warehouses but not to purely domestic premises occupied by a single family group. The 'responsible' person must take steps to reduce the risk from fire; consider how to contain a fire should one break out and then also ensure people can escape safely.

A fire door assembly plays an essential role in the compartmentation of a building, acting as a barrier to the passage of flames and hot gases; delaying the spread of fire for a designated period of time, and protecting the escape routes for the building's occupants. An essential component of the fire door assembly are the door seals, which when properly located and secured, prevent the passage of cold smoke, fire and hot smoke, and sound.

Lorient provides a range of door seals for every application including retrofitting options - ideal to satisfy the requirements of the RR(FS)O 2005. Lorient seals are supported by comprehensive evidence to prove their exceptional performance; and with British Board of Agrement, IFC and CERTIFIRE too, fitness-for-purpose and durability are assured.

Lorient's informative guidance leaflet provides an overview of the RR(FS)O; and presents common sense solutions for acoustic, smoke and fire containment for door assemblies.

December 2010.