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Lorient reveals new Fire Resistant Glazing Systems brochure

Leading door seal manufacturer Lorient has revealed a new, informative brochure featuring its range of Fire Resistant Glazing Systems.

Glazed panels are often required in fire resistant walls and doors to allow vision and natural light. In door assemblies, they allow people to see others approaching from the opposite direction; they also allow fire and smoke to be seen without opening the door - an important safety benefit. However, gaps, joints and interfaces between dissimilar materials invariably form points of weakness and provision needs to be made to seal these effectively. The solution is to fit fire resistant glass secured using one of Lorient's fire resistant glazing systems; which holds the glass firmly in place during normal use, but in the event of fire the intumescent material expands, securing and insulating the glass and protecting the surrounding timber.

The new brochure features a variety of fire resistant glazing systems that can be used to specify and manufacture glazed doors and screens, providing fire resistance from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes. In addition, Lorient's glazing systems are designed to minimise smoke transfer, yet fit tightly on the perimeter of the glass and eliminate undesirable rattle at the same time. Tested for performance and durability; the product range carries CERTIFIRE certification - an accredited independent product conformity scheme.

With ever-changing legislation, it is imperative to keep up-to-date with the latest requirements. The brochure covers relevant Approved Documents to the Building Regulations (England and Wales); as well as similar guidance for Northern Ireland and Scotland. In particular, Approved Document E now requires door assemblies in many situations to provide acoustic performance. The brochure offers appropriate glazing sealing systems that may be incorporated in doors while retaining acoustic performance, provided that the correct glass type is used and the size of the aperture correlates with test evidence.

The brochure also introduces exciting new evidence about Lorient's System-90 PLUS glazing system that allows for design flexibility, covering single and double doors, and, longer vision panels to meet the accessibility requirements of Approved Document M - placing an increased importance on the size and position of glazed panels in doors.

May 2010.