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Please support Dunstan Ferris' 22 mile rowing challenge ... 'The Great River Race'

Dunstan Ferris has been a pivotal part of our Technical Services team for over 10 years here at Lorient, and it was an awful shock to us all last year when he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Far worse than that difficult enough news, was the fact that the cancer – having gone unchecked in the early stages - had spread throughout his body and was growing fast in multiple locations. This complex situation unfortunately ruled out normal treatment and early options for Dunstan.

What followed in the ensuing 6 months was what can only be described as a very personal campaign against a powerful and invasive condition – and Dunstan was determined to not let it beat him. While at times here at Lorient, we were genuinely concerned that we would not see our teammate back working amongst us – Dunstan, together with fantastic support from his family and friends, and some exceptional medical assistance, took on the challenge and started some very difficult and long & drawn out treatment – that severely took it’s toll on him.

The medical team at Bristol Royal Infirmary were incredible – but Dunstan’s own tremendous positive mental attitude and clear focus brought him through this dreadful period, to a stage in April where he began to feel well enough to start some gentle physical exercise and eventually earlier this year – made a tentative return to work.

Dunstan’s return to Lorient has been a fantastic lift for this business during a tough year. We are all delighted that not only is he back working in our team again – and already contributing hugely to our plans – but he is also enjoying his rowing and fitness regime again which the medical teams believe set him up so well to handle the very intensive cancer treatment he received.

Dunstan is not so bold as to say he’s clear of everything, but he is certainly strong enough to already want to give something back – less than a year since being diagnosed. He and a few friends are tackling the really tough – Great River Race in London at the beginning of September. This is a 22 mile row & will not be easy! We are incredibly proud that he is well enough and generous enough of spirit to want to tackle this challenge. I guess none of us is surprised though – knowing Dunstan as we do.

I would like to think that many of the friends and associates Dunstan has throughout our industry would like to support him in this venture, by pledging a donation to his chosen charity. Giving is easy – just by clicking the link below and by leaving a few details – you can help Dunstan reach his target.

We will keep you all updated on his efforts in this charity row, following the event but would like to thank-you all in advance for helping to raise money for a charity very close to all of our hearts.

Maria Simmonds