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Jacket too tight? – Lorient's new larger European intumescent lock jacket is now available

If the lock or latch of a fire resistant door is unprotected, it inevitably reduces the door’s fire protection performance.

Lorient currently provides a universal lock “jacket” which enables family groups of mortise locks to be incorporated in fire-resisting door leaves. But now, Lorient is launching a larger European DIN standard lock size that provides 30 minutes fire protection.

The “jacket” comprises a one-part envelope suitable for FD30 configurations without the need for multiple sections, which simply wraps around the kit for a neat and easy installation.

Tests have proven suitability for locks with a common height of 165mm and verify a performance of 30 minutes fire protection to meet the requirements of the BS 476 Part 22:1987. Tests conclusively reveal that families of upright mortise lock cases incorporating latch, lock, deadlock, night latch and sliding door lock can be protected.

Both lever and cylinder operators were included and there is no requirement for additional intumescent material to be placed behind the strike plate or for the door and/or frame seal to be continued past the forend or strike plate.

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