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Fire Resistant Glazing Systems

I need to fit a glazing panel into a door that also needs to provide acoustic performance. How can I do this?

This won't be a problem, provided that thick enough glass is used, with an appropriate sealing system, and the size of the aperture is limited. Conventional “Georgian Wired” glass has been tested in conjunction with our System-36/6 PLUS glazing gasket, and this provides optimum acoustic performance for most types of door construction, including FD30 and FD30S doors. This will allow for up to 0.16m2 (eg, an 800mm x 200mm or 650mm x 250mm glazing panel) to be incorporated into the door without having an significant impact on the acoustic performance. If you wish to use other glass types or larger sizes, please contact our Technical Services team on 01626 834252.