Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Corporate responsibility

As a business we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility, to make a positive difference.

Our responsibility to our staff

We’re proud of our hard-working, high-calibre staff, and will always reciprocate the commitment they give us. So we offer competitive remuneration and rewards, apprenticeships, training, career paths, stimulating and rewarding work, and the opportunity to progress and achieve.

Our responsibility to our community

For most of our years we’ve been located at Heathfield, providing employment to the surrounding area, and working where we can with South Devon suppliers. We take these connections seriously, and will continue to build a strong, reputable and enduring business which will contribute to the local economy for years to come.

Our responsibility to our natural environment

We’re privileged to be based in the heart of Devon, close to a Site of Special Scientific Interest, with the Dartmoor hills as a backdrop. You’re always welcome to visit! Through sound environmental management, we will ensure we play our part in preserving our beautiful surroundings. You can find out more by reading our environmental policy.

Our responsibility to the built environment

Our products are designed to save lives, preserve property and enhance quality of life. We recognise our responsibility to create well-designed products that will perform; products which are durable and reliable, and which genuinely improve the buildings they protect. By doing so, we can play our part in reducing building damage and loss, excess materials usage and waste.

BSI ISO 9001 

Lorient is quality assured under the disciplines of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. In summary, our Quality Policy is to:

  • Know and understand our customers’ needs and expectations in order to meet and surpass those requirements at all times.
  • Clearly communicate to personnel their role in meeting the company objectives, investing in staff via relevant training.
  • Do everything right first time.
  • Monitor and measure processes against company objectives.
  • Create & maintain an environment which drives continuous improvement.

Lorient has attained BS EN ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for environmental management, making us the first seal manufacturer to have achieved this important award. This internationally recognised standard represents that we have demonstrated our commitment to responsible environmental behaviour, including prevention of pollution, control and reduction of waste, and ongoing monitoring and improvement of our environmental performance. Achieving ISO 14001 is just one part of our ongoing commitment to operate in a sustainable way.

Accreditation to this standard is a guarantee that we conduct our business to the complete satisfaction of our customers with regard to design solutions, manufacturing consistency and management procedures.

In addition, this internationally recognised standard for quality management generates customer confidence and eliminates the risk of poor performance. Regular audits of our company procedures are undertaken by qualified BSI staff to ensure ongoing compliance with all aspects of the standard. 


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